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While I may be just a high school senior, I have some experience in Computer Science and Engineering. I have taken both of the available AP Computer Science classes, and have spent many hours learning to code on my own. I am able to do website development, object-oriented programming, and even game design and programming. I have been corporately sponsored to compete in the eMerge Americas Hackathon, and I worked at the She Innovates Tech Conference, encouraging female youth to become engaged in computer science.

I have also participated in two computer science internships and will be starting my third in August. My first was in research in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Miami. Following that, I did a guided workplace internship at MAST Academy assisting the computer science teacher in his teachings of AP Computer Science Principles. My upcoming internship will be at the code educational company 01 creating video games.

For my future career, I hope to one day work in the development of artificially intelligent software capable of exploring the vast universe and searching for extraterrestrial life. I would also like to dedicate time to helping others through the development of technology. I am drawn to the idea of continue pursuing my passion for people through more than the volunteer work I do now. I believe collaboration in the development of technology to aid humanity and the environment, is key to creating more sustainable, happier life. I hope to continue on my path of learning and use what I've learned to better the world around me, and better connect us to the worlds beyond.



Work Experience

Vdeo Game Development Intern / 01
Aug 2018 - Present

I am currently working at 01 under the mentorship of Willie Avdendano and Nelson Milian to further my coding abilities and apply them to developing video games in Unity.

Guided Workplace Intern / MAST Academy
Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

I worked with Mr. Echeverria assisting students in his AP Computer Science Principles class learn introductary programming and prepare for the AP test.

Research Intern / University of Miami (Department of Computer Science)
Jun 2010 - Mar 2012

I worked with Dr. Ogihara of the department of Computer Science and helped create a database for computing based research on the effects of different elements of advertising.

Volunteer Work

I have a passion for spreading access to the arts and sciences. Due to this passion, I have dedicated much of my tme to volunteering for events and organizations which promote art and science in my local community.

Organization Role Hours
Shake-A-Leg Miami I worked as a metor and raising money 176
The BASS Art Museum I worked helping in the Culmination Celebration 2017 5
AIRIE Events I worked as an usher and in set up for the event 14
Master Chorale of South Florida I worked as an usher for a chorus performance 6
Florida Superconventions I have worked various pop culture conventions in Guest Handling facillitating sales and assisting guests. 40


Performing Arts (Tech Crew)

President of Tech Crew (2018-2019), Vice President of Tech Crew (2016-2018), Member (2015-2019).

I have been a member of the Performing Arts Club since my freshman year when I played an ensemble character in the annual musical while also working on the stage crew. After my freshman year, I became Vice President of the Tech Crew and operator of the sound board for all events in the auditorium, including the annual musical. My dedication to the club has led me to becoming a member of the Thespian Honors Society (2017-2019).

eSports Gaming (TSA)

President of eSports (2018-2019), Vice President of TSA (2018-2019), Treasurer of eSports (2017-2018), Treasurer of TSA (2017-2018), Member of eSports (2016-2019).

As an member of eSports I have participated in various gaming events, as well as been an alternate for competitive Overwatch and League teams for my school. As Treasurer of eSports I hosted events and fundraisers, such as bake sales and Skype calls with Video Game Developers. I am currently the president of eSports and intend to host tournaments, events, and fundraisers, as well as encourage memebrs to learn coding, video game art, and video game history. Within eSports, there is a sub club for the Technology Student Association (TSA) for which I am a member, competitor, and officer. My first year I worked as a treasurer, organizing financial details of the fieldtrip, scheduling, and raising money through fundraising and gathering donations. I competed in Video Game Design (finalist), Webmaster, Fashion Design, and Chapter Team. Currently I am the Vice President of our TSA chapter and will be competing in Video Game Design, Webmaster, Coding, Software Design, and Chapter Team.

Honors Societies

Thespian Honors Society (2017-2019), Mu Alpha Theta (2017-2019), Rho Khappa (2018-2019).

I have been a memebr of the Thespian Honors Society since my freshman year, and became a member as a result of working over a hundred hours each school year in Perfroming Arts Clubs event, both as a performer and a Crew Member. I am a member of Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society). In Mu Alpha Theta we compete in district math competitions, and do math practices every Monday. I am currently a member of Rho Khappa (History Honors Society) where we discuss historical events and engage in historical and political debate.

Gay Straight Alliance

Treasurer (2016-2017), Secretary (2017-2018), Member (2015-2019).

As an officer for GSA I helped create a safe, welcoming environment for LGBT students, and LGBT Allies, as well as give presentations educating members about gender and sexuality diversity. I helped members who messaged me looking for advice about coming out, family, and school situations. I also attended various leaderhip seminars regarding LGBT safety and education and helped to host the first ever MAST Academy pride week. As a member I engage in topical LGBT discussions, as well as give support to my fellow members.

My Projects

Technology Student Association

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a nationwide organization which enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs. Members compete in local, state, and national competition for various STEM-related fields. Some of the competitions which I participated in were Video Game Design, Fashion Design, Webmaster, and, as my chapter’s treasurer, Chapter Team.

Images from TSA:


Video Game Design:

As our project, we developed a simple snowboarding video game called Alps Halfpipe. This game got us to the finals for Video Game Design in our State competition. Created in C# in Unity, Alps Halfpipe is a casual and engaging snowboarding game intended for people of all ages who desire to experience the thrill and challenge of snowboarding. The game is meant to entertain its players with casual snowboarding fun. Alps Halfpipe, is a snowboarding game in which players snowboard down the Alps, avoiding obstacles, and make it to the finish line. In order to reach the bottom, players must avoid obstacles, such as trees and rocks.


For our project, we created a website for a fictional artificial intelligence company called Avalon. The company was meant to imitate a learning and training platform that recommends a custom curriculum based on a myriad of personalized questions and, if applicable, previously taken courses using a recurrent neural network (RNN) for natural language processing (NLP). Avalon would act as a teaching assistant, working alongside teachers and trainers to individually optimize education for students. On our website we also broke down the different STEM classes and clubs available at our school. To see the full project click here


In order to determine if Hydrogen cars would be a worthy opponent to the gasoline-powered cars of our present, my partner, Diana Espindola, and I performed a simple electrolysis project, “Volts-Wagon”, which we presented at the 2018 Miami-Dade County Science Fair. Our goal was to determine if the rate that electrolysis produces hydrogen would be sufficient to power a car. We built a machine which sends an electric charge from a nine-volt battery through a water, sodium hydroxide solution to split the oxygen and hydrogen and fill the appropriate balloons. We also measured the impact of factors, such as sodium hydroxide, to maximize the efficiency of the process.


For more information regarding the project, please refer to my Cornell Collab Space page.

With the project, we won first place at the Miami-Dade County Science Fair 2018 in the category of engineering. We also received recognition from the Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc for Most Outstanding Exhibit in Chemistry. Our Cornell Collab Space page for the project was the featured project for the month of July, 2018.

for more information about my projects, visit my blog

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